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Fargesia murielae

‚Brillant‘  is a selection from seedlings of the garden-bamboo Fargesia murielae, occurred in 1997.


Its growth is strictly upwards, whereas its new sprouts grow about 1-3 cm
apart from the basis, so that it does not grow to the sides a lot. It is characterized by an remarkably hardy due to which its leaves always show  a green colour.


These two characteristics together with its slender upright growths up to a height of 2,80 m qualify ʼBrillant‘ as a perfect hedgeplant. Its leaves are longish and slender of a subtle green. ʼBrillantʻ grows in horsts and does therefore not need a rhizome barrier.





 Fargesia murielae

Fargesia murielae ʼFresenaʻ® has been cultivated by tree-nursery Poplawski.

ʼFresenaʻ® grows up to a height of 2.50 – 3.00 m. Foliage consists of green, lancet-arched straws, colouring yellowish later. The small lancet-formed leaves show a sappy green. Growth is dense, upright to arched and in horst so that no rhizome barrier is necessary although it shows especial power of growth.

Place: half shady to sunny.

Hardy up to -25° C.

Can be planted as a solitair, screen, in container or as hedge.



 Fargesia murielae
ʼjonnys gigantʻ

Fargesia murielae ʼJonnys Gigantʻ derives from natural selection 1998 under free sprung bamboo-seedlings in the nursery Helmers of Jonny Behlen.

It grows extremely strong with dark green foliage, straws colouring reddish in the upper region. In age it grows up to 3 – 4 m and is well hardy. As an impressive solitaire ʼJonnys Gigant‘  is especially beautiful in combination with water and/or stones. It can also be planted as a hedge or screen against wind or sight.

Due to its horsty growth Fargesia murielae ʼJonnys Gigantʻ  does not need a rhizome barrier.






Fargesia murielae

Fargesia murielae ʼLeaschʻ® is a garden bamboo guaranteed bred from seed and augmented by hand-separation by nursery Schütte. Of the flourishing seed of Sinarundinaria murielae in 1994 already the seed has been tested on new sorts in an outdoor test. This selection over several years generated two sorts with spezial growths and very well hardy.

Fargesia murilae ʼLeaschʻ® and Fargesia murielae ʼSmaragdʻ®. Both are especially convenient for planting on the brim of ponds or in use as a hedge – as well as solitaires.


Fargesia murielae ʼLeaschʻ® grows almost upright, hangs over lightly in the upper third. It can grow up to a height of more than 3 m. Foliage is light green, of middle size, straws are green.





Fargesia murielae
ʼSilver birdʻ

Fargesia murielae ʼSilver Birdʻ®
is a selection from seedlings of the garden bamboo "Fargesia murielae" of nursery Wilfried Janßen. It sprang off around 1990 and prove itselft by ist good qualities.


This kind has a strong growth, half upwards, with a height of 2.5 – 3.5 m. Dense and small foliage shows a deep green, partially reddish colour.

Half-shady to sunny places are preferred, ʼSilver Birdʻ® is suitable for any permeable, nutrient-rich garden soil. As hedge, singel plant or solitair it always shows up fine.



Fargesia murielae

Fargesia murielae ʼSmaragdʻ® also is a garden bamboo, guaranteed to be grown from seedlings and augmented by hand-separation by tree nursery Schütte.

Fargesia murielae ʼSmaragdʻ® has dark green, big leaves and dark wood. Its rapid growth is upright, tends to hang over in age. It can grow up to 3 m.


Additional this kind is, like ʼLeaschʻ®, very insensitive to sun and cold. It is characterized by growth in horsts and does not need a rhizome barrier.





Fargesia murielae
ʼstanding stoneʻ

Fargesia murielae ʼStanding Stoneʻ®
ist a selection of the tree nursery Wilfried Janßen. It developed around 1990 and has been selected after more than ten years in comparing plantations due to its power of growth, hardiness, health and pleasant appearance.

Its powerful appearance functions as a solitaire, as screen and hedge, even for smaller gardens. Its medium-sized leave does also take good effect in container.


Its strong growth is upright to half-upright. Foliage is comparably large with middle-green colour.

Its compact growth allows a height of more than 3m and a width of about 2,5m. It grows in a horst.



Fargesia murielae
ʼsuper jumboʻ

Fargesia murielae ʼSuper Jumboʻ  has been cultivated by Jumbo Bamboo Højvang Planteskole ApS by hand separation.


ʼSuper Jumboʻ suits extremely well as a solitaire, in container or a hedge and screen, due to its broad and dense growth in a horst. The thin, green pins hang over, assembled with light-green, lancet-formed leaves.

This well growing sort in age grows up to a height of 3-4m and excels by its hardiness.