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Nursery Helmers is a medium-sized tree nursery with 3 plants around the town of Westerstede in Ammerland, established in 1945 by Friedrich Helmers.


In the bamboo plant in Westerstede-Halsbek different types of Fargesia like the own Selection ʼJonnys Gigantʻ are cultivated in a forest.




Baumschule Wilfried JAnßen

Wilfried Janßen in 1993 took over the nursery from his father which had been established during the 1970´s in Edewecht. Meanwhile this enterprise has exclusively specialized on the culture and reproduction of Fargesia. Wilfried Janßen produces on his 7 ha area of holding the well-known sorts Fargesia murielae ʼStanding Stoneʻ®, ʼSilver Birdʻ®, ʼDeep Forrestʻ® and ʼGreen Arrowsʻ®.

Jumbo Bamboo Højvang
Planteskole ApS

Jumbo Bamboo Højvang Planteskole ApS is seated in Denmark. This tree-plant produces about 200.000 - 300.000 kinds of Fargesia, like  ʼSuper Jumboʻ, ʻSimbaʻ, ʻBimboʻ, ʻPandaʻ and ʻDinoʻ on an area of about 25 ha.

All the plants are available as young plants as well as in containers of 3, 5, 7 ½ l and many more






Baumschule poplawski

The nursery Poplawski since the mid 1960´s are engaged in the growing of Fargesia murielae. Founder Klaus Poplawski in 1995 took the opportunity to gain Fargesia murielae seeds and grow them. From thousands of seedlings scant selections have been breeded.

The kinds ʼEalaʻ®, ʼFryaʻ® und ʼFresenaʻ® meanwhile gained german and European Sortenschutz. They are sold with their own label, the old Oldenburg flag.

Today on a 4,5 ha area further interesting kinds of Fargesia and wild sorts are produced.


Baumschulen Jürgen sander

Begin of the 1990´s maser of gardening Jürgen Sander established his enterprise in Varel/Grünenkamp. During the first years rhododendrum-novelties were prevailing in his assortment.

In 1995 bamboos have been added. After the bamboo florescence in 1997 about 2000 kinds of bamboo had been sown of which about 20 types have been selected. Until only those sorts with best characteristics had been left for production in great scale like the kinds ʼBrillantʻ (German and European Sortenschutz), ʼSonja Sanderʻ or ʼEikeʻ.

Right now 15 kinds of Fargesia are cultivated and further novelties are almost due for introduction.


Tree nursery Schütte was established in 1986 by master of gardening Jürgen Schütte in Bockhornerfeld. Since 1994 Baumschule Schütte is a enterprise training for gardening assistants.

The area on which production takes place today has about 4,5 ha. The production of containers includes rhododendrum in 40 sorts, 120 sorts of roses and decidious trees and shrubs, like e.g. Virburnum i. S., Syringa i.S. and Hydrangea i.S. Especially Fargesia are produced.

Since 1986 the enterprise specializes on the augmentation of Fargesia and startet in 1994 to breed tow new own kinds of Fargesia murielae. These new breeds Fargesia murielae ʼSmaragdʻ® and Fargesia murielae ʼLeaschʻ® are protected by European and German Sortenschutz since 2005.